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"We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality cashmere at an affordable price."
Rita Jones, Founder and CEO

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is
important to us. Likewise making sure our workers are paid a living wage. That's one of the reasons we choose to make our sweaters in Scotland.

Fewer, Better Things

We provide
customers top-quality cashmere at a reasonable price. The power of buying less by buying better is what we're all about.

Our Cashmere

Our sweaters are made
with the best yarns in the world. They're knit and hand-finished in Scotland with meticulous crafstmanship and attention to detail.

Our Sweaters

Marnie Long V Neck Cashmere Cardigan

Christina Long V Neck Cashmere Cardigan

Long Cashmere Cardigan with Ruffled Edge

Lola Cashmere 3/4 Sleeve Wide V Neck Pullover

Jessica Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

Caroline Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater

Our Cashmere

The Softest, Finest Cashmere Fibers

The fibers in an Isle of Skye Cashmere sweater come from goats of the high plains of Mongolia exposed to the most extreme environmental elements of altitude and cold.

In the long, cold winters, temperatures may fall to 20 degrees below zero. In this harsh climate, the goats grow a downy undercoat of soft hair beneath their coarse exterior coat.

This undercoat is the source of our cashmere fibers.

The harsher the environment, the better the quality of the goat's undercoat. No other fiber can match the cashmere produced by the goats of this desolate land.

In the spring, local herdsmen begin the laborious task of combing the precious undercoat from the belly and chin of their goats. It takes the hair of 4 goats to produce enough cashmere for 1 Isle of Skye sweater.

The length, cross section, and color of the individual fibers determine the quality of raw cashmere. Longer, finer fibers are softer and resist pilling. Also, the whitest fibers provide a more beautiful appearance.

Our Scottish yarn manufacturer uses only the very highest quality cashmere fiber.

Other suppliers often make compromises in the quality of the fiber they use. Although still cashmere, their fiber may be short and thicker which degrades the softness and durability of the sweater. The short fibers of lower quality cashmere create the "pills" that are a telltale sign of lower cost, poor quality cashmere sweaters.

Custom Made and Hand Finished in Scotland

The finest cashmere sweaters in the world are knit in Scotland because of two of Scotland's unique natural resources.

The first is the craftsmen who have learned and perfected the art of sweater making thanks to generation’s old tradition and technique. The second is the soft, pure Scottish water that, after rinsing the cashmere yarn, gently opens up the fibers to release a luxurious softness.

We selected our knitting mills in the Scottish Borders based on their painstaking attention to quality and detail. Our sweaters are custom knit to our specifications, with smaller stitches to higher density, producing a garment that has a beautiful drape and fit.

Knitting our sweaters involves over 30 steps, many of which are done by hand:

Every seam of every sweater is checked by hand. The detailing is stitched by hand. The final press before folding and labeling is done by hand.

Only pride in craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation can deliver the quality of an Isle of Skye Cashmere Sweater. If you want the special craftsmanship of Scottish cashmere that will last for years, Isle of Skye Cashmere is your best choice.

Lasting Quality - Our Sweaters get Softer with Wear

The long fibers and tight knit in Isle of Skye Cashmere means that our sweaters will retain their beauty for a much longer time – 10 years or more.

The short fibers of lower quality cashmere will quickly pill. Vibrant colors will fade. Sometimes after only one wash, inferior cashmere sweaters will have lost their shape, looking ragtag and worn. Conversely, the feel and drape of Isle of Skye Cashmere will actually improve through wear and washing, as the fiber strands open up to become fuller and softer.

To learn more about the high costs of poorly made, inferior quality cashmere sweaters, please take a look at the latest blog post by our owner here.


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